Do you want more opportunities to use your English? Are you interested in talking with a small group of people? Are you interested in trying Skype? Then the "Night Owl Chat Time” is for you! Every Wednesday night for the next month you can reserve a place to chat with Sloan. Try it, you might like it! It is fun!

Step 1 What do you have to do? You must download Skype onto your computer. It's free!

This Week's Night Owls

1. Night Owl Sloan
2. Still Available
3. Still Available
4. Still Available

Each week the
"Night Owl Chat Time"
is Limited to only 4
Night Owls!

Step 2 Ok, I downloaded Skype, what now? Click the button below to reserve a place in the chat-room this week.
This Month's Chat Time

Chat Days

Every Wednesday except on National Holidays

Step 3 What do I do after I reserve a place in the chat-room?
Sloan will send you an e-mail asking you to become a contact. Please accept the request. Sloan will also send you the week's article, so you can prepare for the discussion. Your nickname will appear above in "This Week's Night Owl" box.
Step 4 Okay, I have read the article and I am ready to talk, what's next?
  15 minutes before "Night Owl Chat Time" turn on your computer and open Skype. Then just wait for Sloan to call you. Remember to buy a headset, if you have not already done so.
  Step 5 Enjoy our Chat!