SES Mission Statement

SES strives to provide an English environment in hopes that many students in Nikaho City become bi-lingual.

We encourage using English (not just studying it in school) by giving opportunities:

  • To enjoy quality classes
  • To socialize in English during special events
  • To share our cultures with each other
  • To connect to the English world in multiple ways
  • To improve the English level at the public schools

We believe in benefiting the community by helping children and empowering adults to achieve their dream to use English in the following ways.

  • Traveling abroad in English speaking countries
  • Making friends with foreigners using English as the common language
  • Using English in Business
  • Achieving high English scores in school
  • Using English as a hobby for rewarding self-study


 How will we accomplish our mission statement?

Through the unique cooperation between staff, teachers, foreign residents, volunteers, students and the greater local community, each person offers their talents, abilities, interests and energy to the benefit of all the participants. Individuals can work in project teams or alone. If you brainstorm a good idea and propose it to SES, we will assist you to achieve your goal or form a team that can make it happen.

It is SES’s objective to use our multi-purpose facility for classes, exchanges, meetings and events throughout the year. We also would like to provide a café for the participants.

Therefore, we endeavor to create structure which allows ordinary people to plan, execute and participate in various activities for everyone’s enjoyment.

Anyone can use the facility for cultural exchanges or various kinds of activities where English is being used to some degree.

We encourage the foreign community to work autonomously and plan an event with someone. For each event or activity there needs to be at least one designated Japanese person to assist in the activity.

Each event will be publicized on the school’s on-line event calendar on SES’s website.