The curriculum uses a delightful combination of picture books, games and songs to help the children enter the English world with interest, excitement and wonder.  The children also learn the teacher’s culture in fun ways.

  The children learn colors, numbers greetings, fruit and much, much more.  The kids enjoy doing the "Giant Turnip" play their first year and “Bears in the Night” obstacle course their second year. 

  Our goals for the classes are to give the kids a positive experience with a foreigner and to open their world to English. If you are interested in the “Play with English” kindergarten course, please contact us for further information concerning the program.
Shirayuri Kindergarten
Messages from two Kindergartens
Himawari Kindergarten

  Sloan’s “English play” at Shirayuri Kindergarten started 10 years ago with an enthusiastic greeting of “hello and hi” to the kids. We were worried at first how things might go, but Sloan interacts with the kids like a gentle father so the kids like him very much.

  The kids enjoy using gestures and shouting out English without being embarrassed while playing. Sloan teaches names of animals, foods and a variety of other vocabulary through songs, gestures, games and picture books. He also teaches events from America like Halloween and Easter. The kids really get excited!

  Our children come to like English. Many English words like, dog, cat, and thank you will come out of the kid’s mouths naturally during the day. Parents who come to the annual “English play time” during the PTA open house are always amazed how much the kids speak and understand. We look forward to seeing the kids grow in understanding English naturally. Thank you Sloan!

 Our English play time is 30 minutes one time a month for four and five year olds. The kids use their bodies and play games while using English.

  The children learn numbers, colors, greetings, and songs and without realizing it the children start using English naturally. They also have a chance to listen to a native English speaker’s English.

  The English play is raising their curiosity about the world. However, more than anything else it’s really enjoyable. The kids look forward to the English play time each month.



English Play for Kindergartens

English Play (option 1)
4 times a month, 1 hour sessions (two, 30 minute classes)
English Play (option 2)
2 times a month, 1 hour sessions (two, 30 minute classes)
English Play (option 3)
1 time a month,1 hour session (two 30 minute classes)
After School Program
Call for more information