Our TV Commercial Event Coming Soon!

  Hello, everyone. Sloan's English School is having a great event that will guarantee to make you laugh. We will be showing you a collection of TV commercials from America and abroad that have been voted as the funniest commercials.

  This event will be at Sloan's English School and anyone may come. We will be watching the commercials and then talking about them. We will also have some mystery commercials where you will have to guess what the commercials are about.

  Some of the commercials are from last year's Super Bowl and some of them are from regular TV. The Super Bowl is an American football game where the best 2 teams in the nation play against each other. The Super Bowl is a little different from other sports, because many people watch the Super Bowl for the commercials, not the game! The Commercials are usually very funny and often only played one time.

Beer at the Office
Commercial Background

Budweiser is a large beer company in America that sells cheap beer. One of their beers is called Bud Light, and it has less calories than regular beer, but the same flavor.

In this commercial, an employee and his boss are in the elevator going to the office. The boss asks Mr. Davis what he did on the weekend. Mr. Davis says that he spent most of the weekend hiding Bud Lights at the office for the employees to find.

In America, sometimes companies give their employees small gifts, such as pens or coffee mugs, as a way to thank the employees and give them motivation to work. In this commercial, Mr. Davis thought the employees would feel more motivated to work if they found Bud Lights at the office.

Commercial Dialogue

Boss: “How was your weekend Davis?
Davis: “Actually, sir, I spent most of mine here. 
I had an idea to hide Bud Lights all around the
office, you know…give the employees a little moral
Boss: “Hmm...”
(Elevator doors open to mass chaos –
people fighting to find the Bud Lights
and the office is destroyed
Boss: “I guess the savages didn't find all of them

(tackled by an employee)

From the Netherlands
Old Spice

  We've put 3 commercials on this web site as a preview. Just click the video buttons on the left. The first video has background information and the dialogue. We hope you enjoy our examples.

Commercial Guidelines

    1. Choose any commercial in Japanese or English, with or without words
    2. Why did you choose this commercial?
    3. Is there any significance to the commercial (ex – Super Bowl, holiday, etc.)?
    4. Must be able to explain your commercial in English:
    A. How many people, animals, etc. are involved?
    B. Dialogue: labeled with people involved.
    C. What happens in the commercial?
    D. What is the product/message?
    E. Length of commercial and genre (comedy, romance, etc.)
    5. Slang/idioms/word stress- how are these used? Can these be used in every day English conversations?