Class/Teacher Evaluation

Thank you for taking English classes at Sloan's English School (SES). It is our aim to help you with your language goals. Please take the time to fill out the teacher/class evaluation form, so that we can make a better class for you.

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Teacher's name:
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1. What is your reason for studying English at SES?

2. Are your goals being met in the class and school?

Always Usually Unsatisfactory

3. Are your English Questions answered well?

Always Usually Unsatisfactory

4. Are you satisfied with the class?

Always Usually No

If not, why not?

5. Do you need a different class?

No Easier class Harder class Different time/day Other reason

6. Is the textbook or class material appropriate?

Always Usually Unsatisfactory

7. Is the class environment comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable?

Always Usually Unsatisfactory

8. How can we make the class better? Please comment.

9. I would like to spend more time during class in the following areas:

Pronunciation Practice Satisfied More time Less time
Vocabulary Building Satisfied More time Less time
Grammar Practice Satisfied More time Less time
Listening Satisfied More time Less time
Personal Speaking Satisfied More time Less time
Free conversation as a class Satisfied More time Less time
Using the Textbook Satisfied More time Less time
Provide outside the class study Satisfied More time Less time
Reading and listening material Satisfied More time Less time

10. Is the teacher on time for class?

Always Usually Sometimes late

11. Does the teacher prepare well for the class?

Always Usually Unsatisfactory

12. Does your teacher use Japanese in class?

Just enough Japanese Not enough Japanese No Japanese Too much Japanese

13. Is the teacher polite and kind?

Always Usually Unsatisfactory

14. Does your teacher talk too much?

Always Sometimes Never No, just right Doesn't talk enough

15. Does your teacher give you enough thinking time before you speak in English?

Always Sometimes Never Just right Need more time

16. How is your teacher's speaking speed?

Too fast Too slow Just right

17. Do you have any comments to help your teacher become better?

18. Any additional comments and/or suggestions concerning your class:

19. Let's dream! Tell us your perfect class.

20. Please add this question to the evaluation form:

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the evaluation. We hope to improve your experience.