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Join us in 2014

Blogging for our sixth year

Hello Everyone,

SES (Sloan's English School) will be blogging again this year. We hope to use the blog to interact with our students, friends and any interested person. Join us and share your thoughts and ideas with us.

Don't be shy, interact with us!

 Click "Weekly Blog" in the left column to read the 2014 weekly blog entries. If you are interested in reading som
ething else from other years, then please feel free to browse the other categories in the left column. We hope you will enjoy reading, talking, and communicating with us again this year. Send us a message via e-mail, our audio recorder or the "night owl chat sessions."

 For those of you who do not personally know me yet, you can read my profile, along with Jae's, our other teacher on the teacher's link, as well as our former teachers Andy, James and Kristin.